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Nolan is a filmmaker whom Anne Beatts called a “triple threat” in writing, directing and cinematography.  He graduated from the Orange County School of the Arts, Film and Television Conservatory.


Independent at Heart

Nolan is focused on telling entertaining, multifaceted, and meaningful stories in his own voice. Like many independent filmmakers before him, he often writes, directs, shoots, and edits his own work, though he also enjoys collaborations. His productions have been recognized at highly selective film festivals across the country.


At 17 years of age, Nolan was featured on the front page of the online and print editions of The Orange County Register when he was named the 2021 Artist of the Year for Film/Animation.  Later that same month, Nguoi Viet, the largest and oldest Vietnamese daily newspaper, featured Nolan in an article entitled Học sinh gốc Việt đoạt giải ‘Register’s Artist of the Year,’ muốn làm phim ở Hollywood, which loosely translates to “Vietnamese-American student who won ‘Register’s Artist of the Year,’ wants to make movies in Hollywood.”

His most recent film, The Other (2021), was Nolan’s first film to compete in standard (non-high school and non-student) short film categories.  It has earned wins for Best Film, Best Directing, and Best Cinematography in addition to being accepted as an Official Selection in highly competitive film festivals.

The previous year, his film Diamond Game (2020) was selected to be part of some of the most established, storied, and prestigious film festivals in the U.S. and was honored with wins, including for Best Film, Direction, Cinematography, and Originality.

Shortly after turning 15, Nolan’s film, Money Bag (2018), received film festival wins and was selected as one of 10 finalists for Best Cinematography at the 2018 All American High School Film Festival, which featured over 2,000 student films from around the world.


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